I purchased a rib stand for my Kamado so I could cook 3 racks at the same time. As much as I like my Kamado, space can be an issue when you are doing a larger cook. Turned out these worked just fine. Kept air flowing in between.

If you have to make ribs on a Kamado, then you know that space can be an issue. One or two racks of ribs can be fine, but I’ve got to do three today. I purchased the Char-Broil rib rack and I am going to show you how this works today.

The first thing I have todo is take the label off, of course, but I want to take it in the house for a quick scrub and rinse because I don’t want to put it directly on the way that it is.

Here is the result. What we have here are two racks of baby back ribs plus a rack of spare ribs as well. As you can see we definitely were able to get space in between the ribs.I probably should have cut this spare rib in half and just made a total of four out of this group.

I definitely am very happy with this. I’ll be using it again, however in the future I may just stick with baby back ribs. It’s not so much a limitation of the stand itself, it’s just that we’reI’m using my Kamado and it has a dome, I was really concerned about the Dome just leaning on the edge of the ribs themselves.

But a little bit of maneuvering, and it’s going to bring that closer to the center and definitely keep everything away from the edge.

I hope this review is helpful.