I purchased a Ravenna Grill Cover about 3 years ago and it still works great. Durable, waterproof and still looks good. Here I am review what I thought was a great fit for my Kamado.

Video Transcript Below

A great grill cover for my Kamado Joe

A few years ago I bought one of these Ravenna grill covers and I’ve been very happy with it. It’s kept in good condition. Having been out in the weather, I’d say it has kept in good condition. As you can see my Kamado, I’ve had this the whole time as well and that’s the reason that I bought the cover. It has kept it in very good condition as well.

I always recommend grill covers, but in this case, I like this one because it conforms very nice to the shape. It’s built with either the green egg in mind or of course your Kamado. I have no idea on any of the others out there such as Primo, because of their shape being different.

What I really like is that I’m able to just go ahead and drop it right over the top here. It fits very nicely and as you can see, it even has the ability to cinch up and tighten up the bottom. However, I don’t’t want to have to undo that every time. So for years I’ve just been dropping it over the top and no matter the storm, whatever the case with the wind it has never tried to pull the cover off. It goes over very nicely and it aesthetically, well it just looks nice like it fits in. I would definitely buy again.

I hope this Ravenna Grill Cover review was helpful for you guys out there, thanks a lot.