Having built my outdoor kitchen, I wanted to share the stainless steel drawers I installed and how good they look. The movement is smooth and effortless and and has plenty of room for storing items.

I went ahead and built myself an outdoor kitchen and no, I’ve never done one of these before. Let me show you how well these Karpevta drawers worked out. These are very sturdy I was very happy with them when they came. The sliding is extremely smooth.

The installation was simple. I have some two by fours built inside of the structure and it was just a few simple screws. The back end just hangs over the edge, but again those screws hold this in and it feels solid. Since the whole product is encased like a file cabinet and drawers, this helps to keep the contents free of debris and most insects. (I have not had an issue with bugs, but can’t exlude the possibility).

if you look , you’ll see there really is quite a bit of room. I utilize all three drawers and have a lot in there. I couldn’t be happier and it looks fantastic. Just make sure that when you’re building something, that you have enough depth built in because these drawers are a pretty good length. Measure it out and you’ll be fine. I hope this help was helpful for you and have a great day.