For those who take their barbecue a little too seriously

If you are trying to always improve upon your smoking techniques, you have to be able to capture and remember all of the small details that made your last cook so great. Sometimes it is convenient to have instructions from the last time you smoked meat.

BBQ Recipe Journal

In an effort to prompt myself to get all of the details down in writing, I have developed a handy little booklet to let you capture what makes each cook different from the one before.

Record your recipes for rubs, marinades and sauces. There are plenty of details such as time on and off the smoker, target temp, weight, which charcoal and wood did you use.

There is even a second page for each cook to capture the all important preparation notes and the step by step of cooking. For me, the al important, “what would you try next time,” is a section that helps me to continue to improve. And of course it includes and overall rating section with final notes.

This paperback holds up to 50 meals and hardcover book has up to 100 and either one makes a great Father’s day gift for any Backyard BBQ enthusiast. For $6.99, you can find it on Amazon and order a paperback copy today.

A whiskey journal makes a great Fathers Day gift

And what goes better with barbecue than whiskey?

Whiskey Journal Cover

Having tried many Bourbons and Irish Whiskeys, it would have been helpful if I had captured some of the details to determine what I preferred for my drink of choice.

2 page Spread Whiskey

Capturing tasting notes can take a bit of time but is well worth it. The details in this journal remind you to focus in on keen elements that over time will help you to develop your sense of smell and improve your pallet.

This whiskey journal is not intended for you to be snooty in tasting your whiskey, it is so you can easily identify what your preferences are and be able to appreciate this distilled drink.

Available as either paperback or hardcover.

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