Purchased this in 2019, I recently did a review of how well this product held up and how great it works. If you use your Kamado as a smoker, this will make the cooking experience far better for years to come. The ash basket improves air flow especially during long cooks.

A lot of people like to show their purchases directly out of the box. What I want to do is show you the ash basket that I bought back in 2019. As you can see, I have an older Kamado. I’ve replaced a lot of parts and I have no idea about the newer Kamado’s, but I can tell you that this old Kamado when I purchased it, it had a metal plate with holes in it. The problem was I just wasn’t getting the amount of air circulation that I wanted.

I went ahead and I purchased this ash basket and it was beautiful stainless steel when I first got it, but as you can see here it of course has taken on a different color now. It works just fine though. All that you have to do is just shake out the actual ash from this.

You can see there is a big hole in the bottom which is normal with all porcelains but when you put that plate that came from the manufacturer on, the ash would start to build up. It starts to restrict that airflow. I am really happy with this accessory. It’s a good size since I do long cooks for brisket and pork butts. I allows me to fill up the base and as you can see, even around the corners here, you definitely have room where the air is always moving through.

It used to be that I would have to continually open the draft door wider through the day just to try and get more air going in as the cook went on for maybe six, eight or even ten hours.

If I had to buy another porcelain smoker again today I would probably go out and make this one of my first purchases.