Review of Kamado Fire Starters

Nothing is going to happen with a charcoal smoker until you get those coals lit. It may be a small thing, but when you are in the rain or it is a very windy day, something as small as starting the fire can turn into a real pain in the Pork Butt.

Fire stater review transcript below

These are the newly branded fire starters from Kamado Joe. Since I have a Kamado Joe grill and I’m using charcoal, let me show you what you’ll find inside the box. These fire starters are pre-scored for easy breaking. I’ve been using them for a while now, and as you can see, they break very easily.

In a box, you’ll get 24 of these squares. I’ve found that I can get just as much use out of them by breaking them in half, without even scoring them. A simple push and they break in half. I usually hold them with tongs, light them up, and then place them on top of the charcoal in the Kamado Joe grill. It’s a quick process that takes only a couple of seconds.

Once the fire starters are in place, I add more charcoal around them. It takes about 20 minutes for the rest of the charcoal to catch fire. So, I’ll pause here and add the rest of the charcoal. In about 20 minutes (or closer to half an hour in this case), I’ll show you the progress.

As you can see, the coals are now burning nicely after some time. Although many people use a chimney for their grills, I find that with my Kamado Joe, it only takes a few extra minutes to get the coals going. I just move them around once, and then I’m ready to place my wood chunks on top. I hope you found this information helpful. Feel free to leave any comments or questions. Thank you!

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