Your marketing strategy can never have too much content

Do not listen to your friends are anyone else if they tell you you are producing too much or posting too often. As long as the quality of the information is good, keep doing it. Whether you run an ecommerce store or cater on the weekends, your online marketing will benefit from more.

Social media only allows a small percentage of what you post to get in front of followers, so the logic is to produce more. If you can continually come up with new topics, then keep posting on your blog. For the truly talented, making a new video every day to post on YouTube will definitely have a cumulative effect.

Let the algorithms of Facebook, Google and YouTube determine when to show your content. Your job is to make it and keep it consistently interesting.

Content for marketing does not have to be expensive

Creating content for your marketing does not have to be expensive. In fact, it is one of the easier things to do for a BBQ business. Most consumers have an expectation of seeing an owner in an outdoor setting or in a kitchen talking about their food or the ingredients to their rub. It would probably be counterproductive to your brand to have a slick video made in a recording studio.

You talking about your product and showing it to them can go a long way to providing plenty of video and written content for your audience. Cell phone quality nowadays is perfectly acceptable and as long as the speaker can be heard, people will watch.

The advantage of documentation through video is that you can then have that audio transcribed into a blog. Short snippets can be taken for quick social media posts. Still images can be captured and with a little work from Canva or any other image software you can have numerous photos for your website and MEME’s for Facebook.

Ideas on what to write

While the number of topics you can write for the BBQ industry is never ending, sometimes it is a good idea to find out what people are searching for. It can also help with inspiration to have a solid list to choose from. There are some free tools available that make it easy to find ideas.

Free online tools for researching BBQ topics to write about

To get an idea of what topics around your main keywords are trending in search engines, check out this free tool that gives lots of great information called Google Trends. It is not just that people are searching for this in higher numbers. It is that you know there is increased interest which is also useful for social media purposes.

google trends example
Source: Google Trends

Now if you are looking for a great place to look for a bunch of topics in general, you will find Answer The Public to be very useful. Free for two searches per day, it provides searches people run on any term you type in.

answer the public screenshot bbq
Source: Answer The Public
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Within the video above, I mentioned a way to download the searches so that it can be uploaded into a spreadsheet. I thought it would be useful to provide that information here in a spreadsheet.

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