What is Barbecue?

Barbecue is a style of cooking cuts of meat, that are generally considered to be tough, at low heat for a long period of time to make them more tender. This method of cooking is usually accompanied by the addition of smoke to add to the flavor. Often times a seasoned rub and / or a sauce is added to intensify the flavor.

Smoking, Barbecue and Grilling are pretty much in the same family. I can smoke a salmon or cheese, but this doesn’t make them BBQ. I can grill a steak but it isn’t considered smoked. And you certainly can’t compare grilling burgers on your gas grill to staying up overnight keeping your coals at a constant temperature cooking a whole hog.

To me, they are three distinct practices that often overlap and I enjoy the heck out of them all.

How to Spell Barbecue

Barbecue is usually spelled Barbecue or a short acronym of BBQ. Other variations include Babeque, Bar-B-Q and sometimes even just Que.